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It’s crucial to understand that our health is a long term project. Just as bad habits can degrade health over many years, making improvements may also take years. There are many changes you can implement into your daily life which will not only improve your health, but also save you money in the process.

Dieting is one way to save money while also improving your health. As long as it’s a healthy diet, this is a good strategy to improve health and happiness. You can lower your grocery budget by an average of 25% while losing weight as well. If your goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, you can still save by dieting in different ways to stay healthy. Some diet programs combine healthy foods at low prices to help you reach your physical potential while remaining financially stable.

Make sure to exercise. The health benefits of exercise are covered everywhere, but in our media driven culture what isn’t always obvious is the fact that you can easily do it without spending a bunch of money on equipment or gym memberships. It costs nothing to walk a couple of miles a day, or to jog or ride a bicycle, but eventual improvements in weight, energy level, cardiovascular fitness and attitude can be substantial. How much money would you save if you could get yourself off of blood pressure medication? It may be more than you think.

So many health conditions are either caused, or made worse, by stress. No doubt life throws so many challenges at us so quickly that stress is inevitable. Still, some of it can be prevented. It’s doubtless that much of the stress we face is brought on by lack of balance. That’s something we can control. Lack of balance can be brought into our lives by spending more than we earn, packing our schedules with more activities than we can reasonably handle or by poor health habits. Identify and correct controllable sources of stress, and you can free up your mind and your time for more productive efforts.

Living a lower risk lifestyle is within our control. The usual suspects like smoking, drinking and drug use come to mind, but we can also add reckless driving and dangerous hobbies. It should go without saying that you can save money by eliminating or at least reducing smoking and alcohol consumption, which has also been shown to produce direct health benefits. And how much will it cost to wear your seatbelt and slow down a bit when you drive? Make sure to take all of these points into account when thinking about a healthier lifestyle. It can save you a lot in the end. Stay Wise! (References:

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