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*Get Instant funding within minutes if you have a debit card
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*Same day funding if approved before 11AM CT
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On-time installment loan payoff: earn bonus/rebate money in your Nest Egg.

Positive payment history reported to the credit bureaus.

*Decision may take longer if additional verification or documents are required.
*Debit card must be associated with a checking account

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No need for good credit

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Each installment loan that is fully paid earns cash rewards in your Nest Egg account

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Can be approved today & receive money by the next day (*Same day on loans approved before 11 AM CT, and instant funding within minutes if you have a debit card)

No Hidden Fees

Online installment loan costs are clearly stated and easy to understand

Build Credit

Establish a prompt-payment history with the credit bureaus

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is same day funding?

Same day funding occurs when you receive funds from a loan the same day the loan is approved. When applying online, same day funding requires a checking account that allows ACH transactions or another method that allows the funds to be available in your bank account that day. However, how fast the money is available in your bank account depends somewhat on your financial institution’s processes.

How long does it take instant funding to process?

Once you accept the terms, which includes providing your debit card and signing the loan agreement, then the loan is ready for funding. Instant funding can take from a few minutes up to an hour to process.

What debit cards support instant funding?
Any traditional debit card associated with your checking account should support instant funding. You typically can’t use credit cards, prepaid debit cards or debit cards associated with accounts such as PayPal for this purpose.
How to get immediate funds into your bank account?

When you’re applying for a Wise Loan, you can get immediate funds (within minutes up to about an hour) into your bank account by applying before 5:30 PM CT and choosing the instant funding option. You will need a debit card associated with your bank account for this option.

How to get funds to checking account the same day?

If you want a quick loan to get funds on the same day, you will need to apply for a loan that offers same day funding, such as those offered by Wise Loan. To ensure there’s time to process same day funding, you have to apply and be approved before 11 AM CT.