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DEBT. The word that haunts people and businesses around the world every day. One can try to run and hide form it, but debt is a scary word that one cannot always avoid. There are ways to keep yourself in a stable financial position, but sometimes unexpected circumstances lead to the word we all dread, DEBT. Now, it isn’t always due to bad luck but sometimes results from poor decision making. When it comes time to deal with that awful four letter word, it is important to know some of the main causes of debt to keep yourself out of it, if possible.

One of the main causes of debt is a reduction of income. When people are faced with a pay cut or even being laid off, income levels aren’t going to be as high as before. The dark side to this is that everyday expenses will remain the same. Rent, utilities, car payments, grocery shopping, and medical expenses are just a few of the expenses that we all face, and these don’t seem to lower in price as your income lowers. It’s the sad truth that leaves many people in debt every year. Short term loans are great ways to handle debt situations to solve a quick problem such as car trouble or a medical procedure.

Poor money management is another cause of debt. We weren’t all born as accountants so how could we all be expected to handle our money properly?  Well, developing a monthly spending plan is a great start to effectively manage your money without aimlessly losing cash left and right. You might begin to recognize bad trends of how you spend your money after creating a monthly plan which can lead to improved habits by learning from it. If you manage money poorly you are setting yourself up for financial failure and no one likes to be continuously digging out of financial holes.

When it comes to personal choices, gambling has proven to be one of the top causes of debt as well. Many people find gambling as a form of entertainment that they may partake in every once and a while. However, there are also many people who devote their life to gambling and become addicted. This leads to large losses of money and results in overwhelming debt. Make sure to catch yourself before falling into the world of gambling and always look out for friends and family who might be getting too involved as well. Gambling is as dangerous as hard drugs and can truly split a family apart, usually because of issues with debt. Don’t let yourself fall into debt if it is within your control, and always remember to Stay Wise!

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