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Our Online Installment Loans in the State of Utah

How’s it going Utah? Guess what! Yep you guessed it, Wise Loan also provides services in Utah and there are some specifics you should know about! Previously, we covered the standards for loan services in Texas, and now we want to share with you the benefits of working with Wise Loan as a resident of the great state of Utah.

Wise Loan offers quick loan decisions and great customer service to provide you with the loan you need when you need it. Within 24 hours, you could have money deposited into your account without much effort! In Utah, Wise Loan is the loan service that offers cash back rewards for timely loan payoffs. It doesn’t get much better than earning money back for money you owed!

Specifically for Utah

Residents are able to borrow between $200 and $1500 through Wise Loan. As for any loan service, there are a number of factors that determine if you will be approved for your requested loan. These factors include credit, employment, loan repayment history, and other similar items for consideration.

Not only can residents in Utah receive top-notch service from Wise Loan, but you are able to choose your own payment plan! This means that we base our business plan with the customer at the center focus. In order to limit the stress during financial hardships or emergencies, you decide when you make your loan payments ranging from 2 to 12 payments throughout the length of your loan. Make sure that the plan you pick will work best for you in order to pay off your loans on time to lower your rates and improve your credit.

It gets better!

Not only can you pick your payment plan, but as stated before, Wise Loan offers cash back rewards to residents in Utah! Repaying your loan on time can earn you these cash bonuses that are deposited into what is known as your “Nest Egg”. For every $1000 borrowed and paid back on time, you will receive $50 back into your “Nest Egg” account.

Do take into account that installment loans are an expensive form of credit. This means that installment loans should only be used when absolutely necessary, especially for emergency situations. APR’s will differ based on the loan term although the faster you pay off your loan, the lower the rates. To learn more about the specifics of Wise Loan’s service in Utah go to our Utah Online Installment Loans page for more information! Stay Wise!

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