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Sporting events, concerts, and entertainment shows are leisure activities that many people enjoy with friends and family. One of the biggest concerns is how are we going to afford tickets?! Many direct sellers have over-priced tickets that don’t match up well with our budget. There are ways to get cheaper tickets, but they usually end up with you watching from the worst seat in the house. I have been buying tickets from every avenue possible: friends, scalpers, random ticket websites; and at one point or another these methods either let me down, over charged or didn’t have options! Ticket exchange sites are awesome ways to help save on these events that we all love. Here are some of the top ticket exchange sites that you should keep in mind.

I am extremely comfortable ordering all my events through It has been 2 years straight that I have trusted this company with my business and they have earned a lifetime customer. I have always received real tickets (not fake stuff or anything I ever needed to question) in plenty of time for the games or shows or whatever. When I needed help, I was able to speak with a live person about my order and have been pleased with the customer service they provide!

Stubhub is a little expensive but I felt that they were absolutely awesome when dealing with issues. I recently had an issue where I accidentally sent one instead of two tickets and Stubhub straightened it out in under five minutes. Then when one of my tickets didn’t pay right, the customer service representative had it fixed instantly and I saw the PayPal payment.

I have also been very satisfied with the Ticket Lodge, another great option. Their prices are always the same or lower than Stubhub, and unlike other sites they stand behind their tickets. Also, they almost always have promo codes to help you save even more money. I used “SAVE25” and got $25 off my order.

There are many other great ticket providers such as Ticketmaster, TicketHub, and Live Nation. Many of these sites provide various options for cheap tickets to give you the awesome experience that you are looking for. So keep these sites in mind next time when looking for tickets to some of your favorite events! Stay Wise! (References:, testimonials)

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