Tips on How to Save on Travel This Holiday Season

Wise Loan Editorial Team
By: Wise Loan Editorial Team
Save Money During the Holidays with Professional Tips

While many of us might prefer snuggling up on our personal couches, within the comfort of our own homes, to watch sports during the holiday season, a significant portion of us will inevitably find ourselves embarking on journeys over the holidays. It’s always a prudent approach to initiate early planning for flights; however, it’s not yet too late to endeavor to economize on airfares. Presented here are several strategies to effectively cut down on travel expenses during this festive period.

Strategies for Flight Deals

  1. Flexibility is Key: Given the soaring demand for flights throughout the holiday season, travelers need to adopt a flexible stance concerning flight specifics, particularly if seeking budget-friendly options during this peak travel phase. The greater your flexibility regarding travel dates and airline selection, the higher the likelihood of securing a reasonably priced flight for your holiday expedition.
  1. Explore Alternative Airlines and Airports: Deliberate on utilizing alternative airports. Opting for departure or arrival from alternate airports can result in cost savings for holiday travel. While your habitual choice might be the nearest airport, it’s worth contrasting fares between your favored airport and neighboring ones. Adjacent airports could offer more economical fares, potentially featuring flights operated by budget carriers that don’t cater to your primary airport. The potential savings might outweigh the expenses of renting a car to reach the alternative airport. Exploring airports in proximity to your destination (such as Long Beach instead of Los Angeles) could prove a financially advantageous maneuver.
  1. Conduct Thorough Online Research: Collaborate directly with the airline. When it comes to budget-conscious holiday travel, it’s advantageous to liaise directly with the airline. Commence your research online to ascertain available flights and fares, subsequently proceeding to book directly through the airline. Reservations made directly with the airline usually come with cancellation options (albeit for a fee), enabling you to rebook at a lower fare if the ticket price drops.
  1. Travel on the Actual Holiday: While spending time at the airport on Christmas Day might not exude glamour, it can potentially secure you a more economical ticket. As flight ticket demand diminishes on the actual holiday compared to the days preceding and following it, ticket prices may be more affordable. An added perk is the diminished crowds you’re likely to encounter.
  1. Explore Diverse Airlines: Broaden your search horizon to encompass all airlines servicing your route. Restricting yourself to a single airline, even if it’s your preferred carrier for accruing miles and status, can hinder your ability to unearth more economical flight options.

 Tips on How to Save on Travel This Holiday Season

Minimizing Ancillary Fees

Airline companies are progressively imposing a myriad of fees these days, encompassing everything from enhanced legroom to checked baggage. If you’re aiming to travel cost-effectively, circumvent common fees by opting for carry-on baggage only, reserving seats within the main cabin, and packing your own snacks. Keep these strategies at the forefront of your mind when journeying this season to extract the utmost value from your expenditures. Travel Wisely! (Sources:, Marissa Willman)

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