Is there a loan that offers cash back?

Loan that offers cash back

loan that offers cash back

There aren’t a lot of installment loans that offer anything in return besides fees and hassles but Wise Loan is different! Wise Loan has a “Nest Egg” program that gives cash back for simply paying back your loan on time. For every $100 that’s borrowed and paid back on time, you get up to $5 back in your “Nest Egg” account. The money gets deposited after the loan is paid in full.

Once your money is in your “Nest Egg” account, you have a couple options. You can have the funds electronically deposited into your bank account, apply the funds next time you take out a loan with Wise Loan, or apply it to reduce the cost of your current loan. This cash back bonus is real money you can use or save to help ensure you won’t need to take out a loan or as big of a loan next time.

Wise Loan also gives cash back for referring a friend. For every friend you tell about Wise Loan who applies and gets approved, you’ll get $25 added to your “Nest Egg” account as soon as your friend’s loan agreement is signed.

Is there a loan that offers cash back? Yes! It’s Wise Loan! If your going to take out an installment loan, you might as well use the company that offers the best cash back program. Find out more about Wise Loan today!