8 Unusual Ways to Save Money

Wise Loan Editorial Team
By: Wise Loan Editorial Team

Certainly, here’s the rephrased content for each point:

  1. Optimal Shopping Day: Make Wednesdays Your Shopping Day

Given that many grocery stores introduce their fresh sales midweek, those who browse the aisles on Wednesdays gain the initial advantage of accessing the latest deals. Simultaneously, these stores often honor coupons from the previous week. This allows shoppers to maximize their savings while opting for a less crowded shopping day.

  1. Harness Store Apps Before Visiting

Prior to heading to the store, make sure to utilize the store’s app. Although it may sound repetitive, Jon Lal, the founder of BeFrugal.com, recommends always consulting shopping lists, recipe planners, and price listings through both the apps provided by grocery stores and their websites. These apps occasionally offer rewards points and additional benefits to enhance your savings.

  1. Date Night Delights: Explore Food Trucks with Your Partner

Consider a food truck for your date night. While this may not be suitable for a first date that requires a grand gesture, it’s an excellent option for couples comfortable enough to enjoy a casual setting. Food trucks often serve delectable cuisine at a fraction of the cost of upscale restaurants. This experience allows you to dine al fresco, all while immersing yourselves in the urban ambiance.

  1. Reduce Grocery Store Visits Strategically

Adopt a less frequent grocery shopping approach. While it might seem necessary to visit the grocery store one or two times weekly for essentials like fresh produce and milk, John Schmoll, the founder of FrugalRules.com, suggests that trimming down your store trips is among the simplest methods to cut down monthly food expenses. This strategy encourages you to craft meals using items already stocked in your pantry.

  1. Embrace Apps for Smarter Hotel Booking

Embrace the convenience of apps for booking hotel rooms. An array of innovative apps such as StayAtHand, Roomer, and Last Minute Travel allow you to effortlessly compare the best hotel rates and confirm availability. The added benefit is that you can conduct this research while en route to your destination, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

8 Unusual Ways to Save Money

  1. Leverage the Power of Discounted Gift Cards

Utilize discounted gift cards for shopping. Gift card resale platforms like Gift Card Granny provide an opportunity to save up to 50 percent on gift cards. Many are instantly redeemable, while some require shipping. Investing a brief moment of your time can help you locate discounted gift cards from major retailers, including Target and Starbucks.

  1. Innovative Meal Solutions: Subscription Meal Services

Consider the convenience of meal delivery services. Though it may seem counterintuitive to frugality, if managed effectively, subscribing to meal delivery services can lead to cost savings by reducing your reliance on takeout. Modern meal delivery options like Plated and Blue Apron provide balanced meals (cooked or raw) to your doorstep at reasonable prices, often accompanied by discounts or special offers.

  1. Hair Modeling for Affordable Haircuts

Explore the possibility of becoming a hair model. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly haircut, this unconventional avenue is worth considering. Students studying the art of hair cutting often charge minimal fees, leveraging their learning stage to provide a commendable service despite their limited experience.

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