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By: Wise Loan Editorial Team
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As summer approaches, we can anticipate the usual upward trend in gas prices, just in time for road trips to visit relatives or explore the country’s beauty. It’s a frustrating reality, but there are strategies to mitigate the impact on your wallet. While we can’t instantly lower gas prices, we can all take steps to save at the pump.

Here are some effective ways to cut down on gas expenses:

  1. Choose weekdays for refueling.

Selecting weekdays for refilling your gas tank can save you money since prices tend to rise during weekends. Keep an eye out for deals and discount cards from various gas stations, and consider signing up for rebate programs that offer up to a 10% discount on gas purchases. Avoid letting your fuel level drop too low, as your vehicle becomes less efficient. Aim to fill up when you have about half a tank or slightly less.

  1. Keep your car light.

Minimize the weight in your car to enhance fuel efficiency. Whether it’s clearing out unnecessary items from your back seat or leaving heavy equipment bags at home, every bit helps. Surprisingly, for every 100 pounds of extra weight in your car, your fuel economy drops by one to two percent. A full trunk creates unnecessary drag, diminishing gas mileage. Regularly check tire pressure, as under-inflated tires require more energy to roll, leading to increased gas consumption. Also, steer clear of gas stations near freeways, as they often have higher prices compared to those farther away.

Ways to Save on Gas | Wise Loan Financial Resources

  1. Maintain your car.

Regular car maintenance plays a crucial role in optimizing gas efficiency and reducing the frequency of fill-ups. Change your oil at recommended intervals and check the air filter to keep your vehicle running smoothly without breaking the bank. Use your air conditioning sparingly, as it significantly affects fuel consumption. Given the rising temperatures and gas prices, incorporating these steps will help you save money at the pump. Stay wise in managing your fuel expenses!

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