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The Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting

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Beginner’s Guide to BudgetingA lot of financial hardship stems from not being able to properly budget. If you’ve never budgeted and now have poor credit, creating a budget can take some work. You’re likely a little scared. Well, the good news is that you likely already have experience paying electricity bills, rent payments, and groceries each month—and that’s a good start. With that experience and understanding of the necessities, you have a foundation for your new budget.

Track Your Expenses

For a successful budget, you need to track your expenses. You have your essentials, like your rent or mortgage payments, but there is other money leaving your account elsewhere. Whether you’re eating out for lunch or buying the latest movie releases, that money is a part of your budget.

It’s important to prioritize. When making a budget, many people feel they need to completely give up on making certain purchases. You don’t. You just need to prioritize first. Set aside a little each month for entertainment but focus the majority of your money on paying bills or making payments towards your credit card or student loan debts.

Keep Your Receipts

Part of a good budgeting plan is knowing exactly what you’ve spent on an outing. As such, whether you’re grocery shopping or taking your significant other to dinner, keep the receipt. Use that receipt to track your spending and tally up the amount in your budget.

Tweak Your Budget

Now that you have a better understanding of your spending habits and responsibilities, you can start tweaking. Remember we said you don’t have to give up everything? Well, you don’t. Just tweak your spending in one area to better suit the more important aspects of your financials. Don’t give up paying for groceries just to eat fast food on the weekend, for example. It’s not worth the trouble in the long run.

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