Free Activities for Your Summer

Anelle Valdes
Anelle Valdes

Summer is right around the corner and Wise Loan understands that spending money is an easy thing to do when the sun is out. There are lots of fun things to do but some of which cost some money. So here are a few examples of some fun activities to do in the summer that are free!

1: Going to the beach

There are some beaches that cost $0.00 to attend for the day. Check out some local swimming spots at your lake, river, or ocean. You should not have to spend money to go swimming because who would want to do that. You may know someone who has a pool and you may be able to go over there during a hot summer day.

2: Take advantage of hiking a mountain

There are so many mountains that are fun to hike. If you are blessed to be surrounded by a couple of mountains, then you should take advantage of the area you live in and hike some mountains this summer. You can admire a wonderful view and get some exercise while getting some fresh air. Nothing is better than the feeling of hiking a mountain.

3: Check out some local musicians

There is always a free music festival that plays during the summer. Whether it is a blues music festival, country or rock. Some artists are really talented and there is nothing like supporting your local artists. They are fun and you can make some amazing memories and friends at a music festival.

4: Tour a brewery

You can take a tour of your local breweries and try some great beer. Nothing is cooler than getting to see how beer is made and the different ingredients that goes into making a great hand crafted beer. You can go with just one person or multiple people.

5: Camp in the backyard

Nothing is better than camping during the summer. Especially when it is in your backyard because you can have a fire and roast some marshmallows with some music playing. Or you can simply star gaze in the comfort of your backyard. It is another great way to ease your mind.

These are just a few summer activities you can do while being on a budget for the summer. No one likes to spend a ton of money doing something fun, rather they spend little to no money doing things that are just as fun. We hope this blog has created some ideas for the summer fun list and Wise Loan hopes that you keep saving that money!

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