Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

"Darn it! Out of milk again? Let me run to the store real quick.”

Just another trip to the grocery store. “Oh those chips look good. Maybe I can make this pizza later and watch a movie. But I need some healthy salad mix as well. I’ll just grab a few cookies as well. Oh hey! There’s the milk!” We’ve all been here. Grocery stores know how to place what we most frequently need towards the back of the store so people like you and me decide to purchase more things that catch our eye as we walk towards the milk. It’s an evil yet intelligent marketing tactic. So how do we get away from the over spending in grocery stores?

There are many ways to limit the amount that you spend at the grocery store. One of the biggest things that most people don’t realize when they visit the grocery store is that you don’t need to fill your shopping cart to the top. If you have a small shopping list, try not to continue filling your cart after you have what you need. It happens to all of us. We have what we came to get and end up carrying out an artillery of groceries.

Beyond The Name Brands

When it comes to comparing products, go beyond the basics such as milk, bread, fruits, and eggs. Believe it or not, many products throughout the grocery store with different name brands are produced by the same manufacturer. This is true for many store name brands. While the big names like Campbell’s and Coca-Cola are appealing, smaller name brands are usually just as good of quality for a lower price. Use your phone as well to take note of the price differences of the same products to keep track of the lowest possible price.

Stores are always keeping track of the quality and expiration dates of their meats. Make sure to ask about discounts on bakery or meat items that are about to expire because stores are more willing to mark down prices in order to get those products sold before they go to waste.

Always make sure that the “discounted” items are truly getting you a discount. Who doesn’t love seeing the “10 for $10” sales? While these promotions boost sales for a product, the promotion can actually increase the price per item. Make sure to double check that the deal they are trying to give you is actually beneficial. Remember to Stay Wise!