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Congratulations! You are now happily married to your one true love and had an amazing wedding with friends and family! The ceremony, the reception, and of course the cake were perfect, but it didn’t come cheap. Now you are left with a hole in your pocket wondering how you’re going to afford the amazing honeymoon that your significant other deserves. Thankfully there are many destinations that will provide you with the honeymoon experience that you dream of without having to chip into your future children’s college funds. Here are a few of the top honeymoon destinations that will save you some extra money.

Mexico is well-known for being a more affordable honeymoon destination, and you’ll find practically an endless number of beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and all sorts of other activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg. While some of the most famous resorts will run nearly $500 a night, and sometimes higher, you’ll find more budget-friendly options too. Tulum’s Freedom Paradise is a smaller, boutique hotel located on a secluded stretch of white sandy beach at the edge of the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Rooms open up to the sand and sea, starting as little as $79 per person per night with an all-inclusive plan.

While you’ll have to fly to get there, room rates in Puerto Rico are fantastic compared to other Caribbean destinations. Affordable packages can often be found year-round, though fall will bring the very best bargains. In the capital city of San Juan, take in numerous cultural attractions as well as a lively nightlife, or, by taking the ferry to Vieques Island (just $4 round-trip) where you can relax and soak in the sunshine on miles of secluded sandy beaches. Blue Beach is famous for outstanding snorkeling with an abundance of colorful fish as well as giant sea turtles.

Ireland has become one of the best travel values for those who want to honeymoon in Western Europe. In fact, Dublin has gone from being one of the most expensive capitals to one of the best bargains. Still, your best bet is to visit the Emerald Isle’s spectacular west coast, with its picture-postcard scenery, charming villages, castles and vibrant green that stretches for what seems like forever. With Bed and Breakfast accommodations found throughout the country, you’ll have a wide range of choices, including romantic thatched-roof cottages overlooking the Atlantic, with most priced under $50 per night per person.

In Big Sur, California you’ll find dramatic scenery as well as a beautiful coastline that has inspired numerous artists and writers, like John Steinbeck. Deep gorges cut through rugged mountains, with pine forests extending to the edge of gorgeous beaches, including one into which McWay Falls plunges 80 feet right at the edge of turquoise-hued waters. You’ll find all sorts of accommodations here, including everything from campsites that overlook the Pacific for under $20 a night to cozy ocean view yurts and high-end resorts.

Havasupai, Arizona is an ideal destination for adventure lovers seeking a memorable honeymoon on a budget. It’s internationally renowned for having some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, including magical Havasu Falls. Located in a remote corner of the Grand Canyon on the Havasupai Native Reservation, you’ll have to make a ten-mile trek in to reach the falls, but once you get there, you’ll find cascading waterfalls of crystal clear turquoise waters, plunging into travertine swimming holes at the bottom. Accommodations on the reservation include hotel type lodging or camping starting at just $17 per person per night. When it comes to traveling for your honeymoon, keep a few of these destinations in mind to save you some big bucks! Stay Wise! (References:

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