Installment Loans Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s – Online Installment Loans

Can I get an installment loan with bad credit?

Yes, there is no need to have good credit to be approved for a Wise Loan online installment loan! While we do assess your ability to pay back your loan in the application process, we do not solely use credit score as a determining factor and will often approve loans for applicants with lower credit scores.


Can I build credit by having an installment loan?

Yes, Wise Loan reports your on-time payments to all the credit bureaus which will help improve your existing credit score or help you establish a credit score if you don’t currently have one.


Where can I apply for an installment loan?

You can apply for a Wise Loan Installment loan right now online! Click here to get started. We use a very simple application process and you will get a response on your loan status right away.


What is the highest installment loan amount I can get with bad credit?

At Wise Loan, the amount you can borrow is tied to the amount we determine that you can pay back in the application process.


Is there a loan that offers cash back?

Yes! Wise Loan offers a cash back bonus in a “Nest Egg” account every time your loan is paid off promptly. Let this money build up so you can borrow from yourself next time! Click here to find out more about our Nest Egg Rewards Program.


How fast can I get an installment loan after being approved?

Typically approved loans get deposited into your account within 24 hours of approval, but we do have a same-day funding option for times when you need your loan funds ASAP. Please contact us for more information on our same day funding option.


Can I get approved for a same day installment loan with bad credit?

Yes, Wise Loan does offer same day funding for your approved loan. Please contact us for more information about our same day funding option.