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Our Online Installment Loans in the state of New Mexico

Not a resident of Texas or Utah? Don’t stress! Wise Loan also provides services in New Mexico. As Wise Loan expands into new states, we make sure to provide new customers in each new state with the best opportunity to help solve their financial problems. Within 24 hours, you could have the money in your account to get you out of an emergency situation. Whether that be sudden medical bills or car troubles.

Borrowers in New Mexico are able to request a loan from $200 to $1500. Your status for approval is based on several factors that include employment, credit, loan payment history, and other similar factors.

Payment Plans

Not only does Wise Loan offer a range of loan options, but you are able to decide how you want your payment plan set up! Residents of New Mexico have the option to choose between 2 to 12 payments. Make sure to choose the best payment plan that most effectively reflects your ability to pay on time.

Additional Offers

In addition to choosing your own payment plan, Wise Loan offers a cash back rewards program in New Mexico as well! This rewards program is known as your “Nest Egg”. For every $1000 borrowed from Wise Loan and paid back on time, $50 will be deposited into your “Nest Egg” account!

Wise Loan installment loans are an expensive form of credit so make sure to use only in emergency situations. This will help you through the tough times and keep your credit from falling off the deep end if only used in certain situations. For more information regarding the specifications for New Mexico go to our New Mexico Online Installments Loan page today! Stay Wise!

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