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Online Installment Loans Mississippi

If you are a resident of Mississippi, you can now apply for a Wise Loan online installment loan! Wise Loan offers installment loans that don’t require good credit. We have a quick application process that gives you the status of your application in about 5 minutes! Once you are approved you can get your funds, in some cases the same day. Plus, the on time repayment of your online installment loan will earn YOU cash back in the form of a Nest Egg account – an account you can use to build up your savings so you don’t need a loan down the road.

  • How Much Can I Borrow From Wise Loan?

    In the state of Mississippi, Wise loan offers loan amounts between $200 - $2000. You don’t necessarily need to have good credit to be approved for a Wise Loan! Amounts as well as approvals are determined on a number of factors including your credit, employment, loan repayment history, as well as number of other factors.

  • Flexible Payment Terms

With a Wise Loan installment loan, you get to pick the number of payments needed to pay off the loan. For loans of $500 and under, Mississippi residents can choose from 4 to 6 monthly payments, 8 to 13 bi-weekly payments, or 8 to 12 semi-monthly payments, with a minimum term length of 120 days. For loans of more than $500, Mississippi residents can choose from 6 to 12 monthly payments, 12 to 26 bi-weekly payments, or 12 to 24 semi-monthly payments. When choosing the payment terms, be sure to pick terms that accurately reflect your ability to pay.

  • Cash Back Rewards

    Paying your Wise Loan back in a timely fashion in Mississippi can earn you a cash back bonuses! For every $1000 borrowed and paid back on time, you will have $50 deposited into your Nest Egg savings account.

  • What Will My Loan Cost

    A Wise Loan installment loan is an expensive form of credit and should be used only when necessary for emergency or unexpected expenses. Annual Percentage Rates or APRs will differ depending on the loan term. Quicker payoffs will result in lower rates. For more information, see an example repayment schedule of a Wise Loan.

  • Terms and Conditions for Mississippi

    Always review the full terms and conditions and privacy policy before taking out a loan. Rates are calculated according to the rates allowed under the Mississippi Credit Availability Act. You will be charged a monthly handling fee up to $25 per $100.00 per month. You may also be charged an origination fee of 1% of the amount borrowed, or $5.00, whichever is greater. In addition, you may also be charged a late fee of 10% of the past-due amount 10 business days after the due date. APR calculations is based on the number of days between the loan effective date and your first payment date, and are provided in accordance with federal Truth in Lending laws. Annual percentage rates (APRs) may vary based on loan term. Please see your loan agreement for the APR and other terms applicable to your loan.

  • Regulatory Contact Information

    The Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance

    Post Office Box 12129
    Jackson, MS 39236
    Phone: (800) 844-2499 Fax: (601) 321-6933