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What happens when demand for Wise Loan services increases? We take an initiative to better provide for more customers across the country! With Wise Loan on the rise, we are excited to announce that we have expanded our financial services to Missouri and New Mexico!

Responsible Lending

Through responsible lending, we are able to lend financial assistance to more qualifying customers. What is responsible lending, you ask? Wise Loan has several aspects that define responsible lending. First off, Wise Loan provides the cash needed. Wise Loan wants its customers to receive the money they need, when they need it, and have their good payment history earn higher credit limits. We also have clear and understandable credit terms. Getting credit shouldn’t be confusing. Clear and easy-to-understand terms educate our customers on the best ways to borrow money. Our responsiveness to our customers separates us from the rest. Wise service means we give a hoot about our customers. It’s more than answering the phone and processing payments. Every customer has their own loan manager who knows them by name and can help them succeed. Wise Loan aims to improve our customers’ credit status. By reporting payment history, we give our customers the chance to improve their credit status and the ability to receive larger loans at lower rates. Lastly, Wise Loan helps build for the future. Every Wise Loan that’s paid in full pays you cash rewards that can be used to borrow from your Nest Egg account in the future or to be withdrawn as needed. This is what makes Wise Loan a responsible lender that you can count on!

With the addition of Missouri and New Mexico, Wise Loan now provides financial services in multiple states. We do not plan to stop there. Look for more states to come in the near future! Stay Wise!

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