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With over a billion people connected on Facebook, it almost seems insane not
to promote your business on this platform. Recently, Facebook had over a billion people actively logged into their account for the first time ever. It’s safe to say that Facebook is one of the most dominant social media networks and it continues to grow through acquiring more companies, such as Instagram. When it comes to promoting your business, here are a few ways to do so through Facebook.

If you set up your Facebook page as a local business, you have the option to collect testimonials and reviews from your customers. While you can’t encourage customers to review your business for incentives, you can put up a sign at your business that lets customers know they can review your business on your Facebook page. In addition to having a Facebook page full of reviews, you can add the best reviews to your website. To add a review, click on the timestamp of the review, click the drop-down arrow at the top right and select the Embed Post option. (In most cases, the Embed Post option will be hiding under the More Options link in that drop-down menu.)

The most important way to use your Facebook page for business is to engage with your audience:fans of your content, fans of your business, potential customers, current customers and former customers. With this in mind, create posts and content that engage these groups of people. The traditional rule for audience engagement is 80/20. Eighty percent of your content should be for your audience, and 20% should be for your business (sales, marketing, self-promotion, etc.). This means that the majority of your posts should be aimed at getting your audience to engage with your page. You can do this by encouraging audience participation and sharing content relevant to your niche or industry.

Want some insight into what your potential or current customers want? Survey them on Facebook. A survey not only encourages them to engage with your page, but can also help you discover what products or services they need. Also, if you’re tired of dealing with spam on your business blog, your Facebook page can be a great alternative to blog comments. Add a link to discuss the post on Facebook at the end of each blog post. The link should point to a post on your Facebook page wall about that post. This not only allows you to turn off comments on your blog, but also helps you build a fan base and organic engagement on your page. Plus, the people who see a great discussion developing around a post on your Facebook page will likely click through to read the blog post.

Facebook is a great way to connect your small business to a large community. Utilizing these tools are great ways to get your business on track to an exciting future. Social media is growing, let your business grow with it. Stay Wise! (References: SocialMediaExaminer.com)

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