Top Ways to Save Money for 2019

For many individuals and families, the new year brings new opportunities--particularly financial opportunities. Many people strive to save more money in 2019, or perhaps earn more money. If you’re saving money, you’re more likely to achieve your goals. You’ll have the cash to drop on a new vehicle, home upgrades, or medical expenses. Whatever the case, saving money makes fiscal sense. Here are our top ways to save money in 2019!

Pay Down Credit Card Debt

If you find yourself with excess credit card debt, then paying down what you owe is a smart move in the long-run. Not only will paying your credit card debt make a huge difference on your finances, but it also makes your credit rise significantly and ensures you are more attractive to lenders.

Currently, the national average for credit card interest is sitting at 17.59 percent. That rate is likely to rise in the new year. To ensure you make a dent, you need to pay more than your minimum this year.

Set a Budget

If you do not have a comprehensive budget for the whole family, it is easy to spend needlessly on fast food, trips to the movies, or snacks on the weekend. By setting a household budget, you can prepare yourself for any upcoming challenges and remain on track for savings goals. If you want to purchase a new home, you’ll need money squirreled away.

It is not easy to set a budget, though. Consider the guidance of a financial expert.

Retirement Accounts

If you have a retirement account already set up, consider contributing to it more this year. The IRS has recently raised the annual contribution limit for employer-sponsored retirement plans, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) by $500. You now have room to put more into your retirement account for the future.

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