Saving Money in the New Year

How to Save Money in the New Year

If 2016 didn’t go that well for you financially, now is the time to make a fresh start for 2017. Making a New Year resolution list is extremely helpful, especially if you want to save and be more responsible with your money. Here are a few ideas and tips that will hopefully help you save money for the New Year!

1: Buy a calendar and keep updated

Buy a calendar to keep yourself organized. List out your bills; write down your weekly income and expenses so you can visualize your money spending habits. For instance writing down when each bill is due and putting a little money towards it each week really helps to be on time and not stressed trying to get everything paid.

2: Pennies matter

Save your change in a large jar and watch it add up through out the year. Believe it or not change actually adds up quickly when you just keep throwing more into it. Also if you have just an extra five dollars in your wallet each week and you put it in your change jar, it will add up quick and you can deposit it into your bank account after a full years end.

3: Only Spend on Essentials

Try to only buy things you need. End the shopping spree habits and only buy the essentials. Ordering take out can be expensive so why spend money on it when you can cook a better, healthier meal by yourself? Even buying yourself a shirt each week adds up, so watch your spending habits and you can find yourself saving money in no time.

4: Quit the expensive habits

Unhealthy habits like smoking are expensive and with the New Year coming up, now may be the best time to try to quit. Quitting smoking can leave you with half a grand each month depending on how often you smoke.

5: Keep track

Keeping track of how much you make each week and dividing your pay check into separate groups like bills, groceries, and miscellaneous can really help you out in the long run. It may not seem like it but it really helps at first but over time in can make a tremendous difference.

These are just a few helpful tips that we have found to work for many people. Leave all those old, pesky habits in 2016 and try something new to help you keep from struggling through out 2017! Happy New Year from Wise Loan!